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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body. This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of time. 



The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Swedish Massage is extremely therapeutic as it decreases muscle toxins, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body. 


Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage is often paired with Swedish Massage. Stones are heated and used with oils to sooth, warm, and massage your muscles. This allows your body to relax and release tension and stress. 

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Sports Massage Therapy

A circulatory massage similar to Swedish, yet the strokes are more muscle specific and faster paced. The blood vessels are compressed towards the heart. This is a good massage for athletes to speed up recovery from fatigue or injury and reduce the risk of injury. 


 Reflexology is used with the belief that areas of the feet corresponds with organs and glands in the entire body. With pressure on reflexes in the feet, this relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.